13 Oct 2017

Delain whisky, 2nd edition - available now!

Delain whisky, 2nd edition - available now!

EDIT: We are SOLD OUT (within 30 minutes. Thank you everyone and enjoy your whisky)

It is time! From now on, you can order our second Delain Single Malt! Bottled by Malts of Scotland, Distilled at Laphroaig distillery in 2006, matured in Sherry Hogshead and at a 52,1% it is a lovely bold spirit that we’re very excited about!

This is how it works. Costumers from the EU can simply order here, everyone from outside the EU should order via e-mail:

In June 2017 we released our first ever Delain whisky; a beautiful 5 year old Laphroaig, through the Creative Whisky Company. Selling out within a few hours, it was a great success! Having our own whisky was a long standing wish and we have searched quite a while for the perfect spirit. One of life’s great coincidences happened the day our first edition, thanks to CWC, finally got bottled; we got an email from Malts of Schotland, who had no idea our quest for a Delain edition had already been successful. They had kept a lovely 10 year old Laphroaig aside especially for us, as a celebration of Delain’s 10 year anniversary! Following the success of our first edition, enthused by the great support from an international whisky community and convinced that there is no such thing as too much whisky, we now bring you this 10 year old Laphroaig as Delain’s second whisky edition. We are liking where this is heading and hope to introduce you to even more special flavors in the future. Stay tuned for more Delain Single Malts!