22 Sep 2017

A Decade of Delain - Live at Paradiso Trailer available!

Dear Delainers -

It’s trailer time!

We are so close to the release of our first ever live DVD/Blu-Ray "A Decade of Delain - Live at Paradiso" now! What to expect? Well, have a little look at this trailer for a little sneak peek! We hope you enjoy it, and we hope it makes you extra eager to experience the complete 115 minute show and all cool extra's, including the documentary "We Are The Others - A Decade of Delain" very soon!

In other exciting news; we'll be releasing a full live audio track from Paradiso Tuesday next week through our PledgeMusic platform. Everyone who has contributed to this campaign can look forward to this little gift in their inbox! So if you haven't Pledged yet this is the perfect moment to order your copy of "A Decade of Delain - Live at Paradiso" in time to get this perk!

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Thanks for your support!